Ascension Movie

The first project undertaken by VLM is the creation of a movie about a small group of survivors living in a post apocalyptic world. The project began with modest intentions, to be filmed by a group on friends on an almost non existent budget. Word of the movie spread quickly and soon, many more people came on board including cameraman Gary Rogers who recently provided footage for the short movie Bigger and Badder as well as a cast of experienced and upcoming actors. The project now has over 600 followers on Facebook and a growing audience on Twitter who have been helping the project gain momentum.

The full trailer is now available for viewing



Launched 12 May 2012

Release date Summer 2013

Genre Horror


Venomous Little Man LTD.

Plot outline In a world savaged by an apocalypse, a small group of survivors make the ultimate sacrifice to keep their family together while the rest of the world rots. Hard choices need to be made for the good of the few.

Welcome to the family ...

Starring Derek Melling, Jacky Fellows, Laurence Saunders, Mark Rathbone, Debbie Nicholls, Samuel Knight, Susan Hawkins, Laura Childs

Directed by James Hart

Written By Dave Jeffery

Screenplay by Dave Jeffery

Produced by Venomous Little Man Productions

The film was completed in June 2013 where it was Premiered at the Electric Cinema in Birmingham to an audience made up of cast, crew, friends and family. Since then it has been shown at several film festivals including it's first appearance at Mexico and the world famous Bram Stoker Film Festival where it won the award for Best Director (James Hart).

The film festival tour is expected to end in September 2014 where it will be shown at the Worcestershire Film Festival completing over a year of showings.

If you can't make it to a festival but would like to see the film, a limited number of copies will soon be able to be purchased from this website. Details to come soon.

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